Aluminum ventian blinbs


Aluminum ventian blinbs 25 mm




How to 
  • rotate  the curtain pole to open-close the blinds.
  • To collect blinds ,Can be done by pulling the rope If you want the blinds to stop at any position you want, tilt the rope to the left and pull 1 time to lock the blinds to stop at that location as needed.
  • But if you want to release the blinds down ,Then pull on the rope to the right 1 time. Blinds will gradually release.


  • width 60 cm x height 120 cm
  • width 80 cm x height 120 cm 
  • width 90 cm x height 130 cm
  • width 110 cm x height 130 cm
  • width 120 cm x height 160 cm
  • width 140 cm x heigh 160 cm

  1. Locate the bracket measured from the window edge or the width of the blind set on both the left and right sides.As for the rope side, measure from 3 cm inward edges and 8-10 cm in the end of the measuring side from the edge of the frame up to 10-15 cm. Then, mark the position to the same level.

  2. Use the bracket to the wall that has already marked the mark to use the drill hole. Hammered plastic screw  into the wall, then use the screw to shoot the bracket into the wall.

  3. Bring the blind set to the  bracket. By using the top rails attach with the bracket firmly, moving left-right for beauty,then pull up and down to test the use.

  1. To clean the blinds, adjust the blades tightly, then use the wood to feather the dust or use a damp cloth to wipe the dirty area. By cleaning in the same direction

  2. Cleaning of blinds should not use thinner or liquid that has high effect to clean the blinds. Because it will make the leaves easily stained.

  1. Avoid from fire and sharp weapon
  2. colors may be not the same with picture because of photographic

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